hand holding a bag of marijuana.If you have been charged with the crime of drug possession, you may have fears about the penalties that follow this crime. For instance, you may wonder what hefty fines you will have to pay or if you will spend any time in prison. On a federal and state level, the penalties and sentencing for these crimes are dictated. For instance, for many years, Federal lawmakers have been enacting mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines for offenders of drug crimes. In fact, these laws have been around since 1986. From there, many states have based their sentencing off of these federal guidelines based on the type of drug, past convictions, and many other factors.

Even for the most minor of cases, a simple possession, you could see fines of a few hundred dollars as well as a few days in jail. However, based on the guidelines of your state, for that very same crime, you could see up to several years in state prison and thousands of dollars. It depends on your state and the guidelines they have set for possession of certain drugs. Of course, you should expect heavier penalties when you have committed a harsher crime, such as intent to distribute drugs or manufacturing the drugs themselves.

Other Factors to be Considered 

The circumstances of your case can also determine what your charges will look like. The court will view many aspects of your case, such as your past record and the amount of drugs that were in your possession when you were charged. Depending on the severity of the drug, you may even find that you will receive a misdemeanor over a felony, such as having marijuana on you as opposed to a heavy drug like heroin.

Despite the fact that you could receive harsh charges, there are options for you to receive the best outcome in your case. For instance, you may be seen in drug court by a judge who wants to help rehabilitate you based on your case, instead of going to trial. They may agree on treatment sessions for you as well as appearing in front of them on a regular basis. To find out what may be the best option for you, you should call an experienced defense attorney. We can help you every step of the way.