Breaking and Entering CrimeProperty crimes are one of the most prevalent types of crimes in San Diego, at approximately 29,158 taking place every year. Property crimes were decreasing for a steady amount of time; however, in 2015, they started to steadily rise. In 2014, there was a 50-year-low of 2,459 per person but in 2015 this rose to 2,620. Many of these crimes are larceny thefts, burglaries, and auto thefts.

Property Crimes in California 

Many of the most popular known property crimes are ones involving theft, but many more will stem from destruction of someone else’s property. Some of these encompass lower-level offenses such as shoplifting, while many more will be charged as felonies including armed robbery or arson. Intent to commit a crime will typically be enough to charge for a property crime in the eyes of the court. For the courts to measure the degree at which the crime was committed, they will take many factors into account such as the amount stolen, use of force, or whether or not there was bodily injury.

Why Many People Believe Property Crimes Are on the Rise 

In California’s latest news, Proposition 47 was issued, which reduces the penalties for many property crimes across California. However, this also means that many criminals will push the limits and dramatic increases in property crime rates will be seen. Some other people have speculated that the crime has increased largely due to police staffing shortages, social service cutbacks, and mental health calls. With many of these felony sentences now being reduced to misdemeanors, many crimes are up in the air. Along with being ranked Number 1 in property crimes by the FBI, California has also been ranked Number 8 in the increase of violent crime during the same time period. Many people are unsure of what to expect in the immediate future, but steps are being taken.

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