Prosecutors are under a great amount of pressure when it comes to the criminal justice system. That is why, those who are facing charges, commonly say they “moved through the system quickly,” because prosecutors use care in these cases and attempt to use their best judgment to get quick results and sentences that make sense for the crime. However, if you are on the other end and you are a defendant who is facing charges, you want to make sure that you are getting the fairest treatment with your case. If you believe that a prosecutor has acted unethically and used unfair tactics to arrive at your sentence, you must speak up to your attorney immediately. Today we will look at some ways that prosecutor’s misconduct occurs.

Misconduct by the Prosecution

Wrong Suspect: Sometimes, prosecutors work so quickly to move criminals through the system, that they focus too closely on a suspect even though evidence points to someone else. This doesn’t help if you haven’t actually committed a crime, but you are being blamed for it anyway. Prosecutors operate in the public eye, which means that they devote a lot of resources toward their “best bet” suspect, which is not always the right person in the end. This actually leads to a wrongful conviction in a variety of cases.

Fabrication of Evidence: Perhaps evidence has come into play, and the prosecution suppressed it. If a prosecutor believes that someone committed a crime even though they didn’t, and evidence later points in another direction, they may wrongly decide to suppress the evidence to make themselves look better and without mistake. They may even go to the lengths of hiding evidence or destroying it in some cases, which is illegal. 

Unreliable Witnesses: Sometimes, a prosecutor relies on unreliable witnesses. Sometimes this means that they will invest in the word of jailhouse informants who are available to deliver the most damaging evidence against a person, even if it is false. In most cases, these people are not telling the truth and only want to help themselves.

How We Can Help 

If you believe there was misconduct by a prosecutor in your case, you want to be able to prove it, which is where an experienced attorney comes in. If you believe that you have reliable evidence and need help with your case, give us a call today. We can help you every step of the way and get you the best results. At the Law Office of Peter Blair, we care about your case.