Every year, people engage in sexual acts for compensation, also known as prostitution. Pimping and pandering are very well known; however, there are some of these crimes that involve third parties. These include residing in a house of prostitution, leasing a house for the act, bringing a person into a home or prostitution, taking a person against his or her will for those acts, and sending a minor to enter a house knowing that the crime is happening. Under California Penal Code 647(b) PC, engaging in the act of prostitution as well as offering or agreeing to the act is prohibited.

Internet and Access to Prostitution

LegsBecause of the Internet and the fact that it is steadily on the rise, prostitution has been made much more accessible. Prostitutes, only a few years ago, would always stand in a public location and wait for somebody to approach so that they could solicit them and attempt to get them to pay for sexual acts. However, these same acts were made more difficult for prostitutes as well as those paying for the acts, because there could be huge legal consequences if somebody watched it unfold and decided to charge both parties.

However, through the use of the Internet, these acts were made much easier. Having a presence on the Internet makes it easier for prostitutes to offer sex services almost anonymously. By avoiding law enforcement, they are also avoiding severe legal consequences that could mean a lot of money and other penalties. Lawmakers have much more difficulty struggling to regulate these types of services in our modern times.

Child Prostitution and Sex Trafficking Troubles

This crime has become especially dangerous because two consenting adults no longer stand at the center of it in all cases. No, sometimes child prostitution becomes an issue as it is on the rise. Some people, sometimes under the age of consent, will engage in sexual acts. Many of these same people are troubled teens or are being forced to participate in the acts due to slavery. This is where trafficking comes into play as well. Certain individuals will be lured to another state or country with the promise of a legitimate job, only to realize that they are being held against their will and used in the sex industry as slaves.

Dangers of Prostitution 

One of the main reasons why it is illegal is because it opens up the doors for other crimes to be present. For example, some of the crimes that follow this main crime include rape, battery, muggings, and murder. Prostitutes find that, when they fall victim to some of these crimes, they have a hard time confronting law enforcement about it because they have fears of being arrested for prostitution since it occurred in the first place. Nevada, at this point, is the only state that allows legalized prostitution; however, many more states are now lobbying for legalization as well.


Often times, it will be punished as a misdemeanor. However, depending on the severity of the crime (for example, underage prostitution), it could be bumped up to a felony. It is punishable by up to six months in a jail and a fine of up to $1,000. If somebody chooses to use the services of someone under 18, they can be fines up to $25,000. There are many consequences that come with this, because it makes it more difficult for somebody to obtain certain jobs or professional licenses on various levels.

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