To understand bringing a defense against prostitution, you first have to consider what it means to commit one of these crimes. Prostitution is known in many parts of America as the ‘oldest profession known in the world’; however, today we see it as an illegal act in many parts of the world. This crime is committed when a person sells their body for sexual services for money or products like drugs. Everyone who is involved in the act of prostitution could potentially be arrested.

To successfully be convicted of this crime, you must prove that the defendant intended to complete the crime and actually follow through with it. Sometimes, acts of prostitution aren’t as willful as we think, so prosecutors must look at it from every angle before they make a decision moving forward.

Prostitution Legal Defenses

Many people who have been charged with prostitution might bring the legal defense of entrapment. This happens when an official, such as a police officer, urges a person to commit a sexual act for money. Perhaps a sting operation was set up and the person felt as if they had to commit the crime and they were being forced into it. Sometimes, those being accused did not actually know that a crime was taking place.

In other cases, there is a lack of evidence that the crime actually took place. Perhaps somebody said that it did but that’s as far as it goes. Without there being very real evidence, such as an officer watching the crime unfold in front of them, it is difficult to charge somebody with this crime.

As you can see, there are many prostitution legal defenses that you might be able to bring when it comes to your case. We want to help you if you have been charged with this crime and you aren’t sure of where to turn. Call us at the Law Office of Peter Blair for more information on moving forward.