Every year, citizens in California are charged with serious or violent crimes. Luckily, we are here for you in your time of need when you have been charged with one of these crimes and you are facing prison time and fines. According to California Penal Code 1192.7, a “serious felony” includes Arson. When you have been charged with a crime of arson, you will find that proving your case can be one of the most challenging things you have ever done, which is why there is a need for an experienced criminal defense attorney. We can help you understand how to raise a defense in your case.

Defenses to Arson 

When you have been alleged of arson, it is difficult to prove your case – but with the help of a defense attorney, it is not impossible. In cases involving significant property destruction, it can also pay to have a good fire investigator on your side to prove that you were not there, or whichever type of defense you’re attempting to raise. You may have been charged with arson right after investigators found out what the cause of the fire was, and you were somehow placed at the scene of the crime. Sometimes, the investigation is not as thorough as it seems, and the insurance companies will conclude that there is no way that it could have been an accident, even if it was. However, if this is the case, the prosecution must be able to build a criminal case against you and show that, beyond a reasonable doubt, you have committed the crime.

The jury must be trained to listen for key words in your case. For instance, perhaps a fire investigator will speak on behalf of the prosecution and show that they have done an investigation and found that no possible accidental cause was found. However, in doing so, they may not be able to prove exactly how the fire was started after all, which means that you could be innocent.

Every effort should be made to prove that you have not committed the crime at hand. Arson is a very serious crime that could have a direct impact on your life. Call us today to find out how we can help you.