Punishment for His CrimeHaving a defense attorney on your side may be the best idea when you have been accused or charged with a serious crime. A criminal defense attorney is one of the best ways to protect your rights, and yourself as a whole. A criminal defense attorney understands the ins and outs of the laws in California criminal law and can help you throughout the entire process.


How can a lawyer represent you in a way that helps your case? Lawyers act as spokespeople when you must mediate with another party. Your criminal defense attorney understands the needs of your case and wants to help you argue your half to bring you the best results. Because crimes are seen in such a negative light in the courtroom, they are the best aspect to have throughout your case. 

How is an attorney a good aspect to have during negotiations? Negotiation can prevent a trial from happening in the first case. If your attorney can help you negotiate a dismissal before you are given the formal charges, you may not have to move forward with your case. You should expect this in the early stages if all goes well. 

Is it a good idea to have a lawyer at your arraignment? Yes, because this is an important part of your case – when you will enter your guilty or not guilty plea. Though you can handle this part without an attorney, it is always wise to have one. 

What should I expect to pay? There are many factors that can give you a better idea. This includes the complexity of the case and what penalties you are expected to receive, your attorney’s experience, and the location of where your case is taking place. You should always prepare for a couple thousand, but speak to us today.

Who shouldn’t I represent myself? If your crime is not serious, you may find it is not a bad idea to represent yourself. However, for most criminal cases where you could suffer the drastic effects of fines and prison time, it is best to hire an attorney. Convictions for the most minor of cases can still end up being more serious than you thought, which is why an attorney can help you understand your rights and what’s at stake.

Because your case means everything to us, you can give us a call today to speak about your options. At The Law Office of Peter Blair, we are here for you when you have been arrested or charged with a serious crime. Call us today for information that could help you.