When you have been convicted of a felony crime, you may find that the penalties are harsher than if you had received a misdemeanor. Being convicted of a felony is very serious and can follow you through life, which is why you may call upon a defense attorney to stand by your side in this time of need. With experience in these cases, we can help you if you are looking to reduce or expunge your felony conviction because you are afraid of the effects that will follow you. Call us for more information on how we can help.

Facing Serious Penalties 

One of the reasons why clients call us to reduce or expunge their California felony convictions is because felonies carry serious penalties with them. If you have been convicted of a serious crime like murder, rape, arson, assault, or theft, you could spend years in prison, pay hefty fines, and even restitution to victims. Even if you are convicted of a lesser crime, not only will your conviction follow you on your record, but you could also be sentenced to community service, fines, and more. This is why many people are interested in reducing their sentence so that the impact is lessened.

The Option of Probation or Parole 

Your defense attorney may be able to reduce your sentence if you are found to be eligible for either probation or parole. Probation is a suspension of jail time, giving you a set of conditions that you must meet, such as maintaining employment or going to counseling sessions. If you do not abide by the terms, you could be sent right back to prison. Sometimes parole is also offered, which is a release of a criminal before the sentence is complete. However, parole comes with strict conditions as well, such as checking in with a parole officer, or it could lead to a violation.

Expunging Your Conviction 

Expungement will wipe your record clean so you can start with a fresh slate. Your criminal record will essentially be destroyed, making it easier for you to get employment in the future or maintain an apartment. However, if you have been charged with a felony, many jurisdictions will not let you receive this option. This is why it helps to have a defense attorney on your side, who can answer all of your questions before you make a decision and return to court. We can help you in your time of need, so contact us as soon as possible.