It is important to understand some different aspects of the appeals process if you are appealing a felony. For instance, you may wonder if you will be released on bail while your appeal is being considered, or what records the appeals court will examine. Find out more today.

Can I get released on bail while my appeal is considered? 

Yes, and depending on the specific circumstances of your case, you may find that the court will grant your bail. Your sentence would then be put on hold until the appeal is determined by the court. However, while on bail you are still not “free” to do as you please. You must comply with conditions that are set in place for you, much like those put in place before the trial. Bail applications cannot be brought until after the sentence is imposed. You should speak to us today about how you can get the process started ahead of time and be out on bail even sooner.

What records will the appeals court examine? 

When you file for an appeal you must “designate the record,” which means that you must let the superior court know what documents will be included in the record to be sent to the appellate court. There are two parts to this: a record of the documents filed in trial court, and a record of the oral proceedings from trial court. You must designate the record within ten days of filing the Notice of Appeal. The appellate court needs these important records because they were not physically there for the trial court proceedings. The record is something that contains all information that the judges need to know when dealing with your case.

You have one chance to get your records together and also file for bail. It is very important to consider these matters when you are involved in a criminal case. Call us today at The Law Office of Peter Blair for more information on how we can help.