The Rockefeller Drug Laws

During the 60s and 70s, New York saw a rise in drug-related crimes and Governor Nelson Rockefeller decided to develop rehab programs for addicts that became too costly over the years. The Rockefeller drug laws imposed a 15-year-to-life jail sentence for somebody in possession of narcotics, which is equal to a second degree murder conviction. However, the crime rates went unaffected, with recidivism on the rise. Nowadays, we see positive outcomes for those who receive drug rehabilitation over jail time. In fact, the Justice Research and Statistics Association composed some stats to help us understand:

  • 57% of people receiving drug rehab were re-arrested within a year, compared to 75% who didn’t receive rehab
  • 42% would be convicted of a crime compared to 65% who didn’t attend rehab

Will They Agree to Drug Rehab?

If you have committed a drug-related crime that included no violence, there is a good chance you could speak with the court about attending rehabilitation instead of a prison sentence. The prisons are quickly becoming over-populated and this serves as an option that many courts will agree to. As of 1989, drug courts have been added to the equation, which were made to handle the unique circumstances of these crimes. Courts are hoping to get to the root of the problem rather than make it worse for those who have been previously arrested.

Will Drug Rehab Help my Legal Case?

Drug rehab could help your legal case, showing the courts that you want to get clean and take the plunge. The idea of drug courts is to provide intense supervision that you wouldn’t otherwise receive in prison, offering testing and treatment services for those who want to get better, and sanctions for those who do not follow the treatment process. You may also receive a speedy trial when you go through with this option.

Getting clean and sober is not easy, but it is possible when you are given the chance of rehab. We can help you in the midst of your case and help you work to get the best outcome even after you have been charged with a drug crime. We are here for you, so give us a call today.