Any type of drug trafficking charge might have you feeling as if you could face years in prison and financial penalties that you know you won’t be able to afford on your own. When something known as illegal importation takes place, you might be concerned that you will be facing these hefty penalties that will follow you through life. Today we will explain illegal importation, defenses, and how seizure works.

Explanation of Illegal Importation

If you are somebody who has entered into the U.S. with illegally imported drugs for whatever reason, U.S. customers will likely stop you and seize your medication or controlled substances. This means that you might come up against questioning from the FDA or DEA. If you have possession of a substance for personal use and you have the proven prescription with you, the seizure might be the only punishment. However, if you have been importing vast amounts of drugs and you have no prescription, you could be facing serious criminal charges.

Searches and seizures look for a variety of different drugs that have been disguised as over-the-counter medications, hidden in secret compartments on your luggage, or swallowed. You should know that you have many defenses if you find yourself in this position and want to protect your rights. Customs agents are not permitted to single you out and search you in a discriminatory matter. You have many rights and one of them is to speak to an attorney as soon as possible if you think you are being arrested for illegal importation and need help on your side.

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