At The Law Office of Peter Blair, we handle many sex-related crimes and can help you if you have been charged. Today we will look at some of the sex crimes that you may have been charged with in California, penalties, and how we can help you.

Various Types of Sex Crimes  

Indecent Exposure: In California, to be convicted of indecent exposure, you must have sexually insulted or offended another person. In California, it is illegal for you to expose yourself to sexually gratify yourself or offend somebody through your actions. In many cases, a first indecent exposure will lead to a misdemeanor with a few weeks in prison or a fine. It is not a charge of sexual assault until physical contact is made between you and another person. 

Prostitution: Prostitution can take many forms, from street-walking to brothels. Those who perform sexual services for money or the Johns that employ prostitutes could be charged for their crimes. If you are paying for sex in any capacity, you could be charged. 

Rape/Statutory Rape: If you are charged with this crime of non-consensual intercourse with another person, some sort of sexual penetration must have occurred. One of the most crucial elements in your case is that nobody gave you consent when the crime occurred. In cases of statutory rape, sexual intercourse with a minor occurs. Statutory rape will fall within the realm of a felony if the participant is three years older.

Sexual Assault: Sexual assault encompasses any crime where an offender sexually touches somebody even though they don’t want it. This could mean anything from assault, battery, sexual groping, and rape. In California, if sexual assault leads to unwanted intercourse, it is upgraded to a rape charge.

Solicitation: Solicitation goes hand in hand with prostitution and occurs when somebody requests that another person engages in a crime. This means that you have requested somebody to engage in sexual acts for compensation and attempted to follow through with it.

There are many sex crimes that we cover at The Law Office of Peter Blair. If you have been charged with many crimes including lewd conduct or acts with a child, prostitution, rape of a minor, or any other related crime, we will get to the bottom of your case and offer you the help you need in your dire position. Call us for more information on how we can help you.