Over the past few years, staged car accidents have been on the rise in various parts of California, forcing the National Insurance Crime Bureau and Los Angeles Police Department to implement measures to stop this crime. Many of these staged accidents are conducted by organized groups of people who work as a team to trap motorists into a web of lies. This causes victims to pay for damages and deal with bogus injury claims that result from the fraud accidents. These illegal accidents are costly and many victims will not even know that the accident was staged in the first place, making it more difficult for everybody involved.

Some of the ways that defendants will lure victims into a fraud accident is by swooping in front of another driver, waving a victim forward and then speeding up to cause an accident, ramming into a driver who is in another lane of traffic, or waiting for a driver to go through an intersection and accelerating. Sometimes the defendant in one of these cases will go as far as to arrange witnesses in the area who will claim that the victim was actually at fault, making the case harder on them. This is a type of fraud that takes many victims every year and costs insurance companies tens of billions of dollars each year.

Penalties for Defendants 

Penalties will vary, and usually depend upon whether the defendant will be charged on a state or federal level. If you are prosecuted under the state laws, you would receive either a misdemeanor or felony based on severity of the crime and you could serve time in prison as well as many fines. Federal prosecutions are usually treated a bit more seriously and could carry heftier fines. There have even been cases in history where a criminal was forced to pay millions in illegal profits from these accidents. If you have been charged with staging an accident, you may have a case. Call us today for more.