You have heard of or seen stalking take place on a criminal level, where somebody follows another person outside the workplace, at home, and more. But how does stalking occur on a federal level? Stalking as a federal crime takes place when a person stalks using the telephone, Internet, or by U.S. mail. But what exactly dictates ‘stalking’?

Under federal law, stalking is a felony that occurs when you place another person in reasonable fear of death or serious harm. It also occurs when you cause substantial emotional distress to another person through your actions, or act with the intent to kill or harass another person. Harassment can be shown in many ways, such as repeating certain words or phrases that bother another person, or distressing them in some way.

Penalties and Defenses 

federal stalkingIf you have been charged with a crime of federal stalking, you know that it could lead to very serious penalties. Stalking is sometimes charged on a state level, and will sometimes be charged less harshly as federal stalking. If you have committed a federal crime, you could face both prison sentences and fines. Your prison sentence could be a few years depending on the severity of the crime, and a fine of up to $250,000. If your stalking leads to the death or personal injury to another person, you could see life in prison.

Just because you have been charged with federal stalking doesn’t mean that you will be convicted by the end of your case. For instance, you could claim that your case is not credible because it was not possible, or that the allegations made against you are false because you have been placed in different areas when the crime supposedly took place. Sometimes, these cases stem from bad break-ups and custody battles when one parent is mad at another. You and your attorney can take a closer look at your case and determine how valid your defense is and how you can move forward.

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