You have plead guilty to a crime and now the words ‘suspended sentence’ are being thrown around – but you have no idea what this means and how it will have an impact on your case and charges. A suspended sentence is one that is kind of like an alternative to incarceration, but not everybody will be given this opportunity when they have been found guilty of a crime. When your sentence has been suspended, the judge can decide to place you on probation instead of sending you away for a lengthy prison sentence. This means, if all of your sentence is going to be suspended, you could find that you will not have to serve any time at all. This could have you feeling relieved.

When Suspended Sentencing Becomes an Option 

This type of sentence is only permitted at the judge’s discretion, which is why it may be more difficult to achieve than you expected. This means that you are not just outright entitled to this decision, as it is a very important decision for a judge to make. Perhaps you have proved in your case that you can successfully move on from your crime and you are not expected to commit anything like the same crime in the future. A suspended sentence could be a great alternative for you. This is why you see these sentences given to defendants who tend to have a very small, if nonexistent, criminal history.

Meeting the Requirements

If the judge has been lenient with you and allows you to complete a suspended sentence, there are usually conditions that you must meet. For instance, you could be placed on unsupervised probation, which means that you are still not permitted to use alcohol or drugs, or leave the state. You also can’t get any new arrests, just like any other terms of probation. And, if you violate the terms of probation, you could fall subject to revocation. This means that you could end up with new charges as well as have to complete the remaining sentence in prison for your crime. You don’t want this to happen, so you always want to comply.

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