In crimes of petty theft, a perpetrator takes something of certain value or less with the intent to keep it permanently even though it is not their possession. In many cases, the item is not of a large value, and resides somewhere below $950. If the item is worth a lot of money, then it will fall under grand larceny charges. If a victim did not agree to you taking an item away, then you could wind up with petty theft charges that will have an immediate impact on your life. There may be some things you did not know about this crime but should be aware of if you have been charged or are under suspicion. We will help you better understand the crime and what you could be facing.

Things to Know  

What are the differences between petty theft and grand theft? In cases of petty theft, the stolen property is worth less than $950, it was not taken directly off of the person such as right from their hands, and will typically be charged as a misdemeanor in the court of law. If you have stolen an automobile, horse, or firearm, for instance, it will probably not be considered petty theft because these are large items worth value. Grand theft, on the other hand, could be placed as a felony. The property was stolen from the person, such as in a container they were holding, like in a mugging incident. In these cases, you will probably be charged with a felony. 

How can you personally fight your petty theft charges? Your attorney will help you use a variety of defenses in these cases. Perhaps you had no intent to steal. If you can show that you never intended to rob somebody of their property and instead were permitted to borrow the item in question, the charges will not continue. Perhaps you had consent from the owner to take the item or actually believed that the property belonged to you. In all of these cases, the prosecution will have to show differently, which can be entirely difficult. 

What penalties will you face? You could receive probation, up to six months in jail, or a fine of up to $1,000 or repaying the victim for their item if necessary in a form of restitution. These are serious charges that could have an effect on your life. 

Are there any related offenses? Some related offenses include grand theft, auto theft, burglary, and robbery. If you have been convicted three or more times for any of these crimes, you could automatically face harsh penalties when you are charged with petty theft.

If you have been charged with petty theft, you need an experienced defense attorney on your side through every step. Being charged with this crime even though you didn’t commit it can be a difficult time. Because of this, we are here for you in your time of need. Give us a call today.