court house buildingIf you believe that you were judged unfairly in the eyes of the court, it may be time to think about filing an appeal. Fortunately, California allows you to do so through an appeal process, which is where we can help you at The Law Office of Peter Blair. So what happens if you want to appeal for a misdemeanor crime? Misdemeanor appeals are handled differently than felonies, so you and your attorney will file with the “Appellate Division of the Superior Court.”

In the 30 days after you have been given a judgment for your crime and want to appeal, you must file with the Appellate Courts. You and your attorney will take time to consider the legal issues that were raised during your first trial because you will need to provide the Division with a record if your case is accepted. Records may include transcripts from the proceedings, official electronic recordings, or a statement on appeal, which you will prepare.

Here are some things that you should keep in mind with the process: Just because you are granted a new appeal, this does not automatically mean that you are getting a new trial. Instead, the higher court will review what was already brought up and determine if there were any legal errors made at any point. You should also understand that you, the defendant, and the attorney you are working with may file your appeal. You are not permitted to file an appeal for anybody else – they must do this on their own.

Call us today if you are interested in speaking to us about your case. If you believe that there were errors in your trial, you may want to file an appeal. The process can be complicated, so you will need our assistance. Call us immediately to get started.