Over the past few years, drug laws have gained a lot of attention and become more politically-fueled than ever before. Because of this, many people wonder about drug possession and trafficking charges and how these crimes are approached under the law. Sometimes, people even confuse the two, which can lead to scenarios that they never bargained for.

Today, we want to take a closer look at the crimes of possession and trafficking and how you tell the difference between the two. We want to help when it comes to your case and getting you the best outcome in court.

Understanding Drug Possession 

Possession is the most common type of drug charge known today. It involves possession of a controlled substance on an intentional level, especially when you have one without a prescription. You can still be charged with possession even if you don’t have the drugs on you at the time. Let’s say that you have a key to a cupboard at a friend’s house where drugs are kept. This could get you on the hook for possession, as you clearly had an opportunity to possess the drugs at any time.

It is illegal to also possess any related paraphernalia with the drug in question. For instance, if you are in possession of syringes and it could be shown that you intended to use these with drugs, the prosecution could have a case against you.

Charges for possession are usually not as serious as those with intent to distribute, as you did not intend to give them to another party.

Understanding Drug Trafficking

Then, of course, we have drug trafficking, which is a lot different than possession. Trafficking is instead the illegal sale of drugs and solely depends on how much of that drug you had on you when you were stopped by police. It can also depend on the location where you were discovered when you received the charges, such as carrying them across country lines or dealing them at a school. You could see harsher penalties for these crimes, from anything like a couple months in prison to life depending on the severity of the crime.

Now that you understand the difference, you might wonder how an attorney can play a role in your case if you have been charged with one of these crimes. We want to help in your time of need at the Law Office of Peter Blair. Let us speak with you about your case today.