A misdemeanor is usually a lesser type of crime, as opposed to a felony, which can bring heavier penalties in most cases. It is also more serious than your typical infraction. There are multiple types of misdemeanors that you could run into in your lifetime, all the way from petty theft and public intoxication to stalking and simple assault. Let’s take a look at the classes of misdemeanors that you can find under the criminal system.

Classes of Misdemeanors 

Many states handle misdemeanor classes by different types of subcategories. This depends on the severity of the offense, such as the most minor to the ones that cause extreme harm.

You can usually find that misdemeanors range anywhere from Class 1 through 4 or Class A through D. Usually, Class 1 or Class A felonies are the most serious type of misdemeanors at the top of the list. Each class is less severe, which means that, if you committed a Class 4 or D misdemeanor, you will probably not receive the same type of punishments than if you committed a more serious crime. Of course, there are also misdemeanors that are not always charged the same way and they are at the judge’s discretion. If you are charged with one of these misdemeanors, an “unclassified misdemeanor,” the judge will tell you the penalties they are giving you as they see fit.

You might also find crimes that are called ‘wobblers,’ which could be prosecuted as either a felony or misdemeanor based on the severity of the crime and how judges want to charge you. Often times, the judge will look at the circumstances in your specific case and judge how it should be handled.

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