RobberyWhen robbery occurs, not only does somebody forcibly take property from someone, but they usually threaten them or use a weapon during the process. There is also armed robbery, which is treated very seriously and can cause a perpetrator to spend years in prison for their crime. States specify degrees of robbery based on the severity of the crime, which also dictates how seriously you will be penalized.

Different Degrees

Third: This type of robbery usually takes place when force or a weapon is used to obtain a person’s property. This is usually a felony and could cause you to spend years in prison depending on the circumstances overall. Sentence enhancements may be used as well, if you have a criminal history of committing robbery. 

Second: Second degree robbery happens when an accomplice is present. It could also occur when you cause injury to a person who is not involved in the crime or use some type of deadly weapon such as a knife or gun. In other states, theft of a vehicle is considered second degree. In California, when you commit second degree armed robbery, you could expect about two to five years in prison, and counts as a strike under California’s Three Strikes Law.

First: This happens when somebody not involved in the crime is injured, or when you are armed with a deadly weapon and threaten to use it. In California, if the crime was committed with multiple people and within a home, the sentence could gain you nine years in prison – and, if not, it could range anywhere from three to six years.

As you can see, it can sometimes be difficult to dictate just how much time you will spend in prison for your crime. This is why it is important to speak to an experienced defense attorney about your case, to find the answers to your burning questions. Call us for more information.