Have you been accused of auto insurance fraud and now you are facing serious penalties under the law? Perhaps you wonder the many different ways that this crime takes place. Some types of fraud are extremely serious and put companies out of a lot of money, while other types of fraud are not noticed by insurance companies because they are so minor. Let’s look at the ways this type of fraud can take place.

Auto Insurance Fraud 

Exaggerating Damages: One of the most popular ways that auto insurance fraud takes place is through damage exaggeration. Let’s say that you have been involved in a car accident and you have to make a claim. Exaggeration occurs when you lie to the insurance company and tell them that you have more serious injuries or damage than you actually do.

Faking Stolen Vehicle: Sometimes people also fake a stolen car. This happens when somebody parks their car in a secluded area and hides it, or has somebody else take their vehicle away. They then report the vehicle as stolen so that they can get insurance money that is not actually owed to them.

Lying About Past: Perhaps somebody has lied about past accidents, DUI convictions, and more when it comes to being insured through a new company. However, this is considered fraud, even if it doesn’t appear on your driving record at the time. 

Rate Evasion: This is when a person registers their vehicle in one area even though it is not the area they live in. This is so that they can get out of paying high insurance rates.

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