Pencil with tax form on US dollarbills backgroundMany people fear the words “tax evasion” because, typically, it is a crime that is treated very seriously in the eyes of the law. Many people wonder if they can be charged when they mistakenly evade taxes and have fears about this. However, through tax evasion, the defendant is purposefully underpaying their taxes. Luckily for you, mistakes are not considered tax fraud. It is common for people to make mistakes when they are doing their taxes, sometimes underpaying – and this is excusable, especially because you are not an accountant or tax professional. The best thing that you can do is try to fill out your tax forms as correctly as possible. The only way you can be charged with tax evasion is if the IRS can show that you deliberately tried to underpay taxes.

Understanding How Taxes Work 

Tax returns are typically handled by an accountant and show how much money a person made, how big their family is, and what expenses they had throughout the year. The IRS considers the family’s income as a whole and subtracts deductions to come up with a number that you owe. They will use a credit system as a way to determine if you possibly owe less, such as in situations where people made their homes energy efficient or when you own a business but hire people with criminal backgrounds.

What Does it Mean to Evade Taxes?

Now that you understand how taxes work and a bit about tax evasion, we will help you understand some examples of tax evasion. Many people will, for instance, underreport their income as a way to escape paying taxes and with the knowledge that it doesn’t leave much of a paper trail. Families will sometimes take advantage of their taxes by overstating the size of their household in order to get larger deductions from the IRS. If you are suspected of tax evasion or fraud, the IRS will usually launch an investigation into these matters. Because tax evasion is treated very seriously by the government, you should have a defense attorney on your side if you have been accused of this crime. Call us to find out how we can assist you.