You want to have an ‘accused list’ ready for when you have been accused of a crime. What we mean by this is that we want you to be prepared for anything and we will prepare you by going over some steps for some things you can do after an accusation. We understand that going through this difficult time can be demeaning and can harm your reputation, so you want to seek the help of an attorney as soon as possible when it comes to your case.

Steps to Take

As part of your ‘accused list,’ you want to prepare by taking these various steps:

Collect Evidence: You want to collect any evidence that shows that you were falsely accused of a crime. You might even be able to show that you have an alibi for the night in question and present this. 

Organize Documents: You want to ensure that all documents relating to the incident are in order, such as criminal records, GPS records, computer records, and more.

Make List: Make a list of all evidence that was allegedly taken from the crime scene. If you remain organized, you might be able to counter the evidence that was made against you.

List Witnesses: If somebody was with you when the crime apparently took place, you can add them to your witness list. 

Don’t Speak Out: Don’t speak to law enforcement officials about your case or submit to any testing or interrogations until you talk to your attorney. 

Speak to an Attorney: Always speak to an attorney before you give anybody else the time of day, because any statements given without an attorney could be an indication of guilt even if you don’t intend for it to be. You want to leave the best impact on your case and have the help you deserve. Call us for more information on how we can help.