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If you or a loved one has been arrested on charges of domestic violence, it is imperative that you speak to an experienced domestic violence attorney as soon as possible. Domestic violence investigations move incredibly fast. Prosecutors routinely unknowingly build their cases upon a foundation of hearsay, embellishments, and lies from scorned victims. They charge first and ask questions later. The first 48 hours following an arrest are the most important in terms of aggressively fighting the charges. Your attorney’s investigators must move quicker than the prosecution’s in order to prevent charges or posture the case in properly before it goes to court.

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Posted by a Domestic Violence client, 2 months ago
I don’t do reviews but this, i had to. I had never been in trouble with the law before or had experience with any lawyers, until I was recommended by a friend to call Peter Blair. Before calling i was very skeptical, waited and said “hey what the heck”. My court date was just a week away when I called Peter, he was very POLITE and LISTENED to the situation i was in. After talking on the phone, i met with him in his office the following day. Peter broke down everything about what’s gonna happen, will happen and what were gonna do. I had no knowledge at all about the law and asked Peter about the “Why’s” and “What If’s” about the info he was giving me. He answered it HONESTLY and ORGANICALLY with eye contact, that’s when I knew he’s no gimmick or throwing me a sales pitch saying I will “guarantee” this and that.

Communication with Peter was very easy, answered every phone call i had and he even called me to remind me the night before my court date. I would highly recommend Peter Blair to any body, he is the REAL deal that is very respected by other lawyers and with very high cases under his belt. I was charged with two felony’s and was expected to do time… Outcome, one charge dropped and the other to a misdemeanor with probation. I don’t know how he did it but even the DA said “You good a good lawyer”

Domestic violence cases can be broken down to four potential phases. Our goal is to attack the case at the outset, to prevent the case from proceeding to each successive stage.

  1. Stage One: The Arrest and Bail
    When law enforcement is called to an incident of domestic violence, someone will be arrested. It is politically mandated by state lawmakers and enforced at the local level by law enforcement officers. The primary goal of an officer is to determine who the dominant aggressor is and arrest them. Even when the victim does not desire prosecution, or if there are no injuries, someone will be arrested. Continue Reading.
  2. Stage Two: Pre-file
    The days immediately following your release from custody are absolutely critical in terms of fighting and defeating the case before it begins. The sooner your attorney can contact the prosecutor before the case is filed, the greater the likelihood the case will not be filed to begin with. Continue Reading.
  3. Stage three: Arraignment and Pretrial Hearings
    The first court date will be an arraignment. This is a relatively simple hearing where we plead not guilty, set new dates, and address issues of bail, including the bail amount and the protective order. Continue Reading.
  4. Stage Four: Trial
    If the case cannot be negotiated for a favorable result, the case must go to trial. If you are innocent, the case must go to trial. Do not let an attorney scare you into taking a deal. Continue Reading.

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An aggressive approach in a domestic violence case is the only way to obtain the best possible result. With punishments including jail or prison, long term and costly domestic violence classes, lifetime bans on owning or possessing firearms, and separating you from your family for years following a conviction, there is every reason to retain a qualified attorney as soon as possible. Our firm has a significant amount of experience in domestic violence cases. We have achieved a tremendous amount of success for our clients in preventing charges from being filed, and beating charges in court. Please contact our office today if you or a loved one has been arrested for domestic violence. The sooner we get involved, the better we can protect you and your future.

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