Process of a Domestic Violence Case

If the case cannot be negotiated for a favorable result, the case must go to trial. If you are innocent, the case must go to trial. Do not let an attorney scare you into taking a deal. Trial preparation begins the minute you retain your attorney. By the time you are placed in the position of deciding whether or not you should go to trial, your attorney should be able to provide you a significant amount of the information you need to determine the likelihood of success at trial.

If you believe that you have a righteous defense at trial, go to trial. The judge will impose a harsher sentence if you are found guilty, if your defense is properly presented and it is clear you should have gone to trial.

Many times, cases are settled on the eve of trial. An attorney will pose a significant threat to the prosecution through thorough investigation, well prepared experienced experts, forensic specialists, and a proven reputation of success in domestic violence trials. If a deal cannot be reached, you go to trial and you win.

An aggressive approach in a domestic violence case is the only way to obtain the best possible result. With punishments including jail or prison, long term and costly domestic violence classes, lifetime bans on owning or possessing firearms, and separating you from your family for years following a conviction, there is every reason to retain a qualified attorney as soon as possible.

Our firm has a significant amount of experience in domestic violence cases. We have achieved a tremendous amount of success for our clients in preventing charges from being filed, and beating charges in court. Please contact our office today if you or a loved one has been arrested for domestic violence. The sooner we get involved, the better we can protect you and your future.