Robbery is the theft of another person’s property or money, and involves physical force against the victim. In cases of robbery, there is almost always a victim who suffers from some type of injury or is threatened with harm as a result of the crime. But what about armed robbery cases – what makes them different from an average robbery case?

Armed Robbery: A Unique Type of Robbery 

Armed robbery cases start out much like other robbery cases, where there is an allegation of theft by another person. However, armed robbery takes it a step further and involves the use of force and the use or display of a weapon. In some cases, force could just be physical touching, such as pushing somebody. However, it is not limited to touch and can also happen through words; this includes threats to harm somebody or their property. Armed robbery can’t happen without the use of a weapon. If you have a gun on you at the time of the robbery, you will be charged. You will be charged even if you threatened somebody with your gun, even if the gun wasn’t loaded at the time of the threats. If you used the weapon as a way to threaten or scare somebody, then it’s enough for the charge.

Really, a wide variety of different tools could be seen as weapons in these cases. This could stem from knives to bb guns, to lead pipes, broken bottles, and so much more. It is not just limited to guns. The charges that could stem from these crimes could lead to penalties like five years to life in prison and harsh parole standards, which is why you want to avoid these charges at all costs.

Are There Defenses to This Crime? 

In some cases, yes, you may be able to raise a defense for armed robbery. Mistake in identity is one of the most common charges in these cases. Usually, eyewitness testimony is all they have in these cases, which is commonly seen as unreliable. Without proof on video surveillance tapes or fingerprint evidence, it could be hard to charge you with this crime.

Some other common defenses you may see include lack of evidence, false allegations, and improper arrest.

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