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When you hire a criminal defense attorney, you are purchasing valuable peace of mind in knowing you have an advocate fighting for you around the clock in your time of need. At Blair Defense Criminal Lawyers, we take great honor and pride in providing that peace of mind to each one of our clients.

We understand and greatly appreciate the trust you place in our firm to protect you or your loved one’s rights, liberty, and property. In each and every case, we believe in an aggressive approach in implementing various investigative and forensic techniques, which allows us to present necessary evidence to a jury.

During our trial preparation, we obtain pertinent information about each one of our client’s lives, careers, families, and aspirations for the future beyond the case. This strategic dual approach ensures that we are well prepared for success in the event a trial is necessary. At the same time it strengthens our ability to effectively negotiate an outcome that fully protects the interests the client.

At Blair Defense Criminal Lawyers, we understand the accusations against you are not a representation of who you are. The vast majority of our clients never imagined they would need the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. They have children, families, successful careers, scholastic achievements, and other aspirations. We take all of this into account to ensure your pending charges have little to no effect on these most important factors in your life.

Our primary goal is to fight aggressively on your behalf to ensure you move beyond your case towards a successful future and a clean record. No matter your circumstances or the nature of the accusations made against you, we will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve.

We believe in ensuring you are fully informed and involved in the developments in your case, so that together we are invested in obtaining the absolute best resolution possible.

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If You are Accused of a Crime in San Diego, Legal Representation is Essential

Helping San Diegans for Over 10 Years

When you are accused of a crime, your family, your future, and your freedom are all at stake. Criminal defendants throughout Southern California, in both State and Federal Courts, face an unforgiving criminal justice system. Time is of the essence, and you will lose valuable legal advantages if you wait until the eve of court to secure legal representation. In some cases following an arrest, a criminal case can be prevented entirely before charges are filed, provided your attorney has the time and opportunity to investigate the case, and correspond with law enforcement and the prosecutor assigned to your case.

When your life and liberty are on the line, our firm assumes full responsibility for obtaining the best possible result for you. From the time you are initially contacted by law enforcement, during the extensive courtroom litigation, and through trial, we are here to guide you and aggressively advocate on your behalf. Mr. Blair offers free personal and confidential case evaluation to every potential client. The continued success of this firm thrives on the success we have obtained for past clients on everything from complex felonies to simple petty misdemeanor crimes. No case is too big or too small.

Helping Keep Your Life on Track

The criminal court system can be confusing and frustrating. Blair Defense Criminal Lawyers focuses on shielding our clients as much as possible from an experience that disrupts their efforts to move forward with their lives. We tirelessly work to minimize the chances that you will have to appear in court.

Free Confidential Consultation

When you hire an attorney, it is imperative that you speak to the criminal defense attorney who will be going to court on your behalf. When you call our office, you will speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney who will assist you in your matter. During your free and confidential consultation, we will work with you to identify a sound defense strategy. Contact us online, or call us directly at (619) 357-4977.