When it comes to your criminal case, you are given the choice of pleading guilty or proceeding to trial. Perhaps you sat down with your attorney and discussed the various aspects you don’t like about trial, such as leaving your case in the hands of a judge who might decide to give you the worst punishments. There are consequences of pleading guilty, but we want to help you understand your options before you move forward.

The Pros and Cons of Pleading Guilty

When you choose to plead guilty, you will find that there are many disadvantages. Your case starts to pick up speed, which means that your sentencing might come faster and you will have to make many decisions, such as leaving the life you know behind as you get ready for time in prison. Your plea bargain might also be ripped away from you. You might miss out on potential opportunities for a better sentence and might also lose out on your chance for better employment in the future.

There are, however, many advantages of pleading guilty as well. You might be sitting and thinking about how you want a speedy sentence because you don’t want to wait any longer. It might also save you on expenses because you might not be spending as much time in the courtroom.

Let Us Help

Pleading guilty might be a scary time for you, but we want to help you make this decision. We also want to keep you informed of all of your choices and alternatives along the way.

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