You probably hear of Internet crimes all the time on the television, as crimes are always happening online that affect millions of Americans. Some of the most popular you may hear about involve illegal downloads or crimes that scam people out of their money and livelihood. Many crimes are conducted electronically every year, stealing from others and creating upset. Today we will take a look at some of the most popular Internet crimes and their severity.

Common Internet Crimes 

Phishing: This is a crime that takes place when you unlawfully access another person’s computer and send multiple e-mails in an attempt to deceive other individuals. If you scam others for financial gain, you can expect to spend a few years in prison for your crimes. 

Extortion: In this crime, you use the Internet to threaten another person with blackmailing information so that you can obtain things of value. Threatening to expose embarrassing information of others could land you hefty fines, especially when you do it for money.

Electronic Harassment: You are not permitted to annoy, abuse, or threaten anyone on the Internet. Think about what you are doing before a harassment charge takes place. 

Child Pornography: Many people use the Internet to transmit child pornography, which could land you a 20-year sentence in some cases. These cases are handled under federal law and treated very seriously because the solicitation of a minor is never permitted in any fashion.

Prostitution: If you persuade, induce, or entice another person to another state over the Internet just for the sake of prostitution, you are committing a crime. This could carry a long sentence if it involves crossing state lines and could also be charged on a federal level. 

Drug Trafficking: Drug trafficking is so famously conducted over the Internet, a big business (and one that is illegal) bringing in millions per year. The delivery, distribution, or dispensing of controlled substances over the Internet is, of course, a serious crime. Federal drug trafficking laws carry heavy penalties for these crimes, as far as life sentences in some cases!

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