1There are many types of consumer fraud today in California, making consumers fall victim into making purchases through deceptive tactics. Because of this, there is something known as the Consumer Protection Agency, which regulates the consumer industry and conducts investigations when they believe fraud has taken place. Let’s assume that you were accused of consumer fraud today – where would you turn? Who would be on your side? Luckily, we handle these delicate cases as reasonably as possible to help you get the rights you deserve.

Various Types of Consumer Fraud

False Advertising: These are tactics used to deceive a consumer. The criminal will lead a consumer to believe that the individual is somehow profiting off of a purchase. One of the most common techniques involves a retailer raising the price of an item and offering lower “sales” prices so that consumers believe that they are getting the best deal. 

Bait and Switch: In these instances, a manufacturer will offer a “bait” item that is a very low cost to lure in the customer, and then will later switch out the item as a way to “trick” the customer.

Pyramid Schemes: These cases involve a recruiter who creates a fraudulent business and recruits victims to join. They will “invest” in other recruiters until eventually, no one is left to joint he scheme and those involved will lose their investment.

If you have been accused of consumer fraud, having an attorney on your side is the best way to retain your rights. You could be looking at fines or jail time for your crimes. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you with your case.