California is the technology capital of the world, which means that technology is constantly evolving and opening new opportunities for the state’s citizens. However, this also opens up the gates for cyber crimes and attacks on others, including scams and fraud. The Internet is sometimes the pathway for these cyber crimes, which may not have happened without it – which is where things become dangerous. An alarming study shows us that internet based attacks on others have risen by 78% between 2014 and 2013, which is why the laws are becoming more centered to stopping these crimes once and for all, and where the justice system chooses not to sentence defendants lightly.

The Reality of Computer Fraud Crimes

Fraud is a type of misrepresentation where a criminal takes advantage of a victim for some type of benefit. In many cases, this means taking away money from the victim that they may never get back. This could include anything from entering false information, to altering instructions and disrupting computer processes. Usually, one will steal another person’s information in these cases, which have become widely popular over the years. Many of these crimes have unfortunately gone unreported due to how prevalent they are.

To help prevent these acts of fraud, in 2003, Congress passed CAN-SPAM, also known as Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act, as a way to combat spam emails that could lead to these assaults on personal information. In 2005, Congress introduced the Anti-Phishing Act, which would propose five-year sentences for those who were phishing. Even though states rejected this idea, California jumped on the bandwagon due to the increased amount of these crimes in the state.

Let us Help You 

Due to the increased prevalence of these crimes and just how many victims are conjured every year in California due to these types of fraud, those who are charged with Internet crimes could spend years in prison for deceiving others, as well as have to pay restitution and fines to victims. This is why it is a good idea to call an experienced attorney and speak to us today about your cyber crime, the extent and circumstances, and how we can help.