If you are an immigrant in America, you might feel as if you are walking on eggshells at times, or wonder if your immigrant status could be affected in different ways. This is the case when somebody commits a crime and wonders how stable their immigrant status truly is. Deportation crimes are those that could make you eligible for deportation under the law, which are usually some of the harshest crimes, such as those that are a crime of moral turpitude. Today we will take a look at some of these felonies so that you understand what you are facing moving forward.

Crimes of Moral Turpitude

When it comes to immigration law, if you are facing a crime of moral turpitude, you could be eligible for deportation. We want to help you avoid those results at all costs, which is why we want to focus on showing you the crimes that meet these standards.

Usually, under these elements, you will be looking at some of the harshest crimes of fraud, larceny, or intent to cause harm to another party. Some of these crimes obviously include things like robbing somebody, driving under the influence and killing somebody, or abusing a spouse. In most cases, it will apply to the strictest crimes and not petty offenses. For instance, if you have committed a crime of simple assault, shoplifting, or a DUI that did not end in injuries or death, you might not be deportable.

Aggravated Felonies

You could also face deportation if you have committed what is known as an “aggravated felony,” which are crimes like murder, rape, drug trafficking, sexual abuse of a minor, and more. They are typically very violent crimes. If you have committed one of these crimes and you cannot show the courts that you are at risk by returning to your home country, you could face deportation.

In any event, it makes sense to have an experienced attorney on your side when it comes to the most severe crimes. If you are an immigrant in America, even living with a green card, there are risks and you have options. We want to speak with you at the Law Office of Peter Blair for more information. Call us as soon as possible.