Domestic Violence Each year, we hear about more and more cases of domestic violence and how they affect both men and women on various, serious levels. You may not have known, but 85% of domestic abuse victims are women and 15% are men, but each will be affected the same ways and wonder when the terrible abuse is going to end, like a war wages against them. Domestic violence takes on many forms, such as physical, emotional, or financial abuse…. And sometimes even a combination of the three.

More About Domestic Violence

Domestic violence, sometimes classified as relationship violence, is when one or both people involved in a relationship are abusive or controlling against the other party in various ways. When you think about this type of abuse, you probably picture somebody being beaten or bruised by their partner; however, it takes on many forms such as threats, insults, or general control of the other partner. Sometimes it even becomes sexual in nature, like attempting to force one of the parties to do something sexual even though they do not want to.

Receiving Help 

In many situations, victims of domestic violence become withdrawn from themselves and the people they care most about, such as family and friends. Some very serious cases will even involve children, who are raised around the abuse for years to come. No, cases will not always be preventable – however, there are steps that men and women alike can take to protect themselves. If you believe that you are a victim of abuse, you should always trust your feelings on the matter. Taking your situation seriously is a step in the right direction. You should also learn the warning signs of someone who may become controlling or violent toward you. Lastly, receive the help necessary such as speaking to someone who understands the ways of domestic violence and what you can do. If you are involved in a domestic violence dispute, you may need legal representation in your case. Call The Law Office of Peter Blair today – your domestic violence specialists who understand the ways of the law and can help you in your desperate time of need.