Drug trafficking is most commonly known as drug distribution and takes place in a variety of different ways. Many of the most popular drugs that are taken across lines for sale include heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and more. Over the years, prescription drugs have also become lumped into this and have started to become an increasing problem in a variety of states.

How it Differs From Drug Possession 

Many people still fail to see the difference between drug possession and drug trafficking. Yes, many aspects of these crimes go hand in hand. For instance, those who commit either of these crimes have to knowingly understand that they are in possession of the drug that they are using for their own use or carting to others. However, when it comes to trafficking, the lines become a bit more blurred. The prosecutor has to prove that the defendant was involved in the sale, transport, or importation of the drug on top of that. This elevates the crime of drug trafficking to a felony, which could have harsh penalties that you want to avoid.

If you have been accused of drug trafficking, you understand that you could see a variety of crimes, prison sentences, and more. For instance, you will typically find a case where a defendant sees anywhere from 3-10 years in prison and fines reaching thousands of dollars depending on the extent of the sales. It also depends on the class of drug. For instance, you could see reduced penalties for selling marijuana as opposed to what is considered as a ‘harder’ drug, heroin. You could also see enhanced punishments if you have sold drugs to a teenager rather than selling them to an adult.

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