If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor in the past and want to go through the expungement process, you may find that there are ups and downs, but that overall the process gives you a lot of room for success. But what happens if you are somebody who committed a felony crime in California and you are hoping for the same results? Is expungement possible for a felony crime?

Qualifying for Expungement 

There are many good reasons to want to go through the process, as it shows that you have been rehabilitated on your crime as well as making a good impression for employers and more. But, you may be afraid that something as harsh as a felony could prevent you from getting the results you were looking for. The truth is, felonies can still qualify you for good results, but usually only if it was a lower level offense like theft or possession of a controlled substance. If you are looking at a higher level of offense like assault, then you may not be able to go through the process. You also have a better chance if you received a probated or deferred sentence instead of being sentenced to prison. In other cases, the court may order you to complete probation and pay all your fines before you qualify! It really depends on the state and the court that handles your case.

Another thing that you have to remember is that the timing is not always right to go through with expungement. Many people look back at their crime that happened a year ago and think, “Enough time has passed,” but this is not true. You don’t want to waste your money or time filing if you aren’t sure that you will receive results. You should wait until the statute of limitations has run on your sentence, or multiple years has passed before you make a move. After you have met the state’s timing requirement, you should file your petition with the help of your defense attorney. We will walk you through the process, costs, and so much more associated with your case. Call us today about expungement, your case particulars, and how we can help you.