Car Accident, NYC, USAThere are many dangers associated with drunk driving that people still do not realize. DUIs very easily end in many deaths every year, which means that the laws must continue to be strengthened as necessary. When a person chooses to drink alcohol and get behind the wheel, a law has been broken. But what happens if a life is taken in the process? This is means for concern, and something that should be treated seriously.

Drunk driving fatalities have fallen over the years, thankfully, due in part through strict laws and the work of many advocacy groups. New laws relating to DUIs are released all the time, enhancing the penalties for those who commit DUI-related crimes. When you decide to drive behind the wheel of a car drunk, you are putting others at risk, which constitutes negligence. This means that you could be held criminally responsible for your actions.

When a Death Results 

When you cause a death from driving drunk, you could be charged with manslaughter. If a bar served you alcohol before you got behind the wheel or a host at a party served you too much alcohol, they could also be held responsible for playing a role in the accident. If there were aggravating factors in your case, you may even be looking at straight out murder charges for a DUI. However, the prosecutor must show that you engaged in completely reckless behavior and that you were able to reason with the fact that a death could have stemmed from your actions.

If you have been charged with murder or manslaughter after you caused a death through your DUI, you may have several options. Your attorney can work with you to show the court that charging you with murder is an overreach and that you did not intend for these actions to occur. It is important to consult us as soon as possible to talk about your case and what we can do for you.