Most of the nation’s cocaine enters the country through the Southwest Borders, containing parts of Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and California. With a growing issue of cocaine use in California, the state is cracking down. In 2014, about 1,697 pounds of cocaine were seized in San Diego alone, known as one of the highest amounts in any American city. Unfortunately, over the years, the amount of cocaine being abused in California has been on the rise and has not stopped. The drug poses many threats to an individual’s personal physical and mental health, making it extremely dangerous to users.

Just last November, federal marshals hauled 5 men to jail on charges of transporting over 100 pounds of cocaine from California to Penn Hills. But they found more than that – along with 52 kilograms of cocaine, 85 pounds of marijuana, and two illegal guns in their recreational vehicle. This was only after a three-month investigation with FBI and state troopers.

Stricter Laws, Harsher Penalties

California cocaine laws are a bit less rigid now after the introduction of Prop 36, which established drug courts that would give defendants more treatment options in exchange for other methods of conviction. Instead of receiving harsh felony charges, offenders could instead opt for probation, treatment programs, or a short stay in county jail. A cocaine misdemeanor of possession could earn you a mandatory stay in prison, or the possibility of prop 36 sentencing. However, sale or trafficking laws could land you in prison for multiple years with no choice of prop 36 taking place.

If you have been caught possessing cocaine, you have options to bring a defense. Perhaps you were a victim of an illegal search and seizure by the police, such as an event where the police entered your home searching for drugs without a warrant. Perhaps you were a victim of police misconduct, or the cocaine simply belonged to someone else and was planted on you. There are many different circumstances that could explain why you possessed cocaine even if it was not yours.

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