Unauthorized PaymentsIdentity theft is stressful and harmful for those who endure it, with the law taking this crime extremely seriously. Under California law, you are prohibited from obtaining personal identification from another person with the intention of using the information for an unlawful purpose. You could receive serious penalties for the different types of identity theft, which we will outline here.

Types of Identity Theft 

Financial: Usually this is the first type of theft that you think of when you hear the words “identity theft.” In many cases, it involves data breaches that put consumers in harm’s way, as their information is taken. It is also one of the reasons why the Electronic Funds Transfer Act exists. 

Insurance: This type of theft involves breaching your insurance information and usually goes hand in hand with medical identity theft. 

Medical: This is a type of identity theft that is very difficult to fix and involves a breach of your medical information. 

Social Security: Your social security number may be a valuable piece of information for a criminal to steal, making for difficult clean-up.

There are many other types of identity theft, of course, but these are the most common. If you have been charged with identity theft, perhaps you compromised somebody’s important information to steal from them. In these regards, you will be charged with a serious California white collar crime that could land you in jail.


Under the California Penal Code, many types of information that tend to get stolen in these crimes include the victim’s name, social security number, driver’s license number, passport, address, phone number, and more. Usually, penalties will depend upon the severity of the crime, what you stole, and why you stole it. This could consist of a fine of a few thousand dollars, time spent in county jail for up to a year, combinations of penalties, and an increased sentence if you have a history in identity theft.

If you have been charged with criminal identity theft, you may have a case to defend yourself. However, you will need an experienced defense attorney on your side to help you through your case, so call us today at The Law Office of Peter Blair for more information. We can help you raise a defense against these charges, such as consent or information not being used for an unlawful purpose. If you believe you have a case, we can help you every step of the way.