Female Driver Receiving Citation From PoliceSome huge changes were made last year concerning traffic tickets in California. In June of 2015, the Governor of California signed a law into effect that would serve as a one-time amnesty program for unpaid traffic and non-traffic tickets. However, the program only lasts until March 31, 2017. Depending on eligibility for a speeding ticket originally due to be paid on or before 2013, somebody could have their tickets dismissed through this program only one time. So, for those who have unpaid tickets and related “failure to appear” violations, they could be eligible to change the outcome of this. However, those who have parking tickets, reckless driving, and DUI offenses do not apply.

It is important to understand how California is handling traffic tickets in case you are ever to receive one. Sometimes people think that a traffic ticket won’t come back on them and they will never have to suffer any consequences if they just “forget about it.” However, this is not the case. There are many penalties that you may receive if you let a ticket go for too long.

The Consequences

There are many consequences you may suffer when you do not take care of your traffic ticket. Here are some of the most common:

Fines: You may receive extensive fines, depending on your traffic ticket and situation. This is why you should always remember to pay your traffic ticket on time. If you don’t, you will surely see an increase in your fines. In some cases you may see as much as a double on fines when you fail to pay them in time. To avoid this, make sure you always read your citation carefully and take note of any dates.

License Suspension: If you do not pay your ticket and fail to come to court, you may be found guilty at your trial and be issued a license suspension that occurs on a specific date. This is why you should never ignore your ticket. States do not want to see you lose your license, which is why they will typically grant you time to appear in court of submit a payment before a license suspension even comes into play. However, if you fail to meet these standards and continue to blow off your ticket, you could face suspensions as well as arrest.

Warrants: In some situations, failing to pay a ticket could lead to a warrant for your arrest. This is when things become a huge deal. If you choose to outright ignore your ticket, the courts could issue misdemeanor charges. You could serve time in jail as well as community service hours.

Points: For failure to pay, you could accumulate driving record points. These points could impact your life in many ways. They could lead to increased insurance costs, increased likelihood of suspension, and fines and fees when you have to get your license reinstated.

The best way for you to avoid any of these penalties is to pay your ticket on time. If you have already fallen victim to some of these penalties, you should have an attorney on your side to help you through the tedious process. Call us today at The Law Office of Peter Blair for more information.