You have personal rights, which means that you have a right to protect yourself if the police pull you over or come to your home. You might want to be prepared for anything, which is exactly what many people should consider in all walks of life. So what do you do if the police come to your home or pull you over in your vehicle?

If You Are Pulled Over 

Today, we want to share a checklist of things that you should do if the police pull you over in your vehicle so that you can protect your personal rights. Here are just a few things to consider:

  • Having current license, registration, and insurance
  • Obeying all traffic laws, which means never speeding
  • Never driving while high on marijuana or drunk
  • No paraphernalia when driving
  • Making sure to always have your seatbelt on
  • Keeping prescribed medications in the trunk of your vehicle
  • Never driving with guns or other weapons
  • Never having a reason for police to search your vehicle

If Police Come to the House

What happens if you’re sitting at home and you hear a sudden knock at the door, only to realize that the police are there? There are some steps you should also consider:

  • Answer the door and don’t run, as you will get caught
  • Comply with the police and be polite
  • If there is a search warrant, be sure to read the entire thing
  • Do not let police inside without a warrant under any circumstances
  • Don’t allow officers to sneak a peek behind you
  • Never answer questions without an attorney

You have many personal rights when it comes to your case, and you should always have an experienced attorney. on your side helping you fight for your rights. We want to stand by your side when you are dealing with a criminal case.

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