Attorney Peter Blair was recently awarded the Clients’ Choice Award by Avvo, an independent lawyer rating service and legal resource.

The Clients’ Choice Award is given only to attorneys who have five or more client reviews of 4+ stars in the past twelve months. The award represents a strong commitment to client satisfaction, compassionate representation, and effectiveness.

Mr. Blair has 55 reviews on Avvo with an average rating of 5/5 stars and a 10.0 (Superb) rating from Avvo. The reviews are based on four categories of evaluation: trustworthiness, responsiveness, knowledge, and keeping clients informed throughout the legal process.

Client Reviews

“Attorney Peter Blair was an outstanding lawyer,” wrote one Avvo reviewer earlier this month. “He relieved the stress my case put on me as a defendant by taking full responsibility and ownership.

He is very knowledgeable when it comes to law and made everything
extremely easy to understand. Moreover, he kept me informed on everything that was happening inside the courtroom.

Words can’t express the work he did for me and I avoided an enormous amount of fees the city would have placed on me. Hence, he gets the results you are looking for.”

As a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and San Diego Criminal Defense Bar Association, Mr. Blair is committed to the highest standards of criminal defense practice. He dedicates the vast majority of his practice to litigation, giving his clients the best chance of success in the courtroom.

“On June 27th I was arrested and the charges were severe,” wrote another reviewer in December 2014. “I was facing three felony charges for one arrest. My bail was $400,000, so I was stuck in jail for a long time.

My public attorney went against what I wanted and disregarded his duties altogether. When Peter was hired he was able to get one charge dropped immediately. The other charge got dropped in a plea bargain with the DA, a man he knew and trusted.

By the time of my sentence I was only facing one charge and probation to rid of the last one. I highly recommend Mr. Blair—he is honest, thorough and dedicated towards justice for both his client and the community.”

Mr. Blair is proud to represent the citizens of San Diego and throughout Southern California for a wide variety of criminal charges, including driving under the influence, drug crimes, domestic violence, federal crimes, “white collar” crimes, and serious/violent felonies. He is recognized by clients and fellow attorneys alike as one of the premier criminal defense attorneys in Southern California.

“Peter is dedicated to his craft,” wrote Robert Sagerian, a fellow San Diego criminal defense attorney in an Avvo review. “His track record of success and client reviews reflect his diligence and zealous advocacy.”

If you’re facing criminal charges, call Blair Defense Criminal Lawyers at (619) 357-4977 or contact us online today.