Is exclusion something that you can go through when you have already been confirmed on the Megan’s Law website? Many people wonder this same thing every year. If you are convicted of a certain California sex crime, you might wonder if there is ever a way to get off of it as it takes over certain aspects of your life, such as being able to get a job and getting on with your normal life. Today we will walk you through the process.

Who is Entitled for Removal?

Not everybody will be able to get their name, address, and other information removed from the Megan’s Law website. Here are some crimes that could entitle you to go through removal proceedings:

  • Sexual battery by restraint
  • Annoying or Molesting a child
  • Any offense that did not consist of penetration or oral copulation

Do you believe that you qualify for removal, given these circumstances? If you meet the above criteria, you can submit something known as the ‘Megan’s Law exclusion form’ to the California Department of Justice. The Department will then approve your application. If, however, they believe that you are what is considered a ‘sexually violent predator,’ you will not be able to have your name and information removed.

Here is something else that you should remember: Even if you are removed from the Megan’s Law website, your information might not always be excluded. Nothing is written in stone. If you violate your probation and commit another offense, your name could still be seen. If you do pick up another offense, your application for exclusion or approved exclusion could cause your name to reappear on the website.

If you receive a certificate of rehabilitation or a California Governor’s pardon, you could also be relieved of filing your name with the website. These, however, could be difficult processes to go about. This is why you need an attorney in your time of need.

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