Sex crimes typically happen behind closed doors or in places where there are no witnesses. This becomes an issue because, at the same time, many accusations for these crimes will be made without any witnesses to the crime. So, how does one protect the victim while simultaneously protect the rights of the defendant?

The truth is, the statistics regarding sex crimes has remained the same over the years. This means that, as far as these attacks go, they have not steadily risen or declines over the years and still continue to be the same as many years ago. Violent, illegal sexual attacks and behavior are a threat in every country. Unfortunately, some of the most condemned attacks revolve around children under 13 to 18 years old, which makes many wonder how we can bring these numbers down. Crimes against both men and women should be taken seriously in all situations.

False Accusations and Reporting

Every year, men and women are accused of illegal sexual conduct even though they did not actually commit the crime. The truth to this is that illegal sexual attacks or behavior often carry very harsh punishments, which means that those who are accused could spend prison time or face harsh fines for actions that never actually happened. Being falsely accused of this crime means that the defendant could be placed on a sex offender registry or spend years in prison, and if the crime never actually happened, why would this be necessary? False accusations could ruin somebody’s life for a long time coming. This is why it is important for prosecution to be able to prove that a crime actually occurred, given the evidence.

The statistics show a nasty truth: There could be as many as one in four of all reports of sexual attacks proven to be false! Even if there is sympathy for the victim, in many cases there is really not enough evidence to make a case. However, prosecution as well as the judge or jury may push the case further and take sympathy for the victim even if nothing actually happened to them and the accusation was false; in this case, the wrongfully accused defendant will suffer the consequences.

In this case, when the defendant feels like all hope is lost, they may accept a bargain of a lesser degree or punishment so that they do not end up in deeper waters. In these cases, a defendant may receive no jail time but may still end up on a sex offender registry. They will accept these bargains so that they can avoid jail time of up to a number of years, when really no crime happened and they should receive no punishment.

All of this means that it is extremely vital for prosecution to be able to detect when a victim may be making a false accusation, so that potential ramifications never fall onto a defendant who never committed a heinous crime in the first place. If there is coercion involved, it needs to be brought up in the court of law. You never know if a victim will make claims or tell their child to make claims just to “get back at” the defendant after a nasty divorce or some other reason.

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