DUIs are very serious crimes, especially because they can easily lead to disaster for every other party on the roadway. This is why, if somebody has been caught in the midst of underage DUI, the law handles their case quite seriously. Underage DUI criminalizes the actions of a young driver who chose to drink and get behind the wheel of a car.

Understanding Zero Tolerance

Many states have worked to pass aspects known as ‘zero tolerance’ laws, which make it illegal for an underage driver to operate a vehicle after consuming even the smallest amounts of alcohol.

One of the reasons why many states accept these laws is because, if they don’t, they can be denied access to federal highway funds.

Under zero-tolerance laws, of course, this means that many charges can stem from your child being caught drinking. Underage DUIs come with many consequences.

For instance, they can result in fines of several hundred to thousands of dollars, and almost always a vehicle suspension. If your teenager is somebody who does not yet have their license, this could set them back and make it difficult for them to get their license when they are able to.

No matter what happens in your case, an underage DUI can be devastating to you and your family. This is why it helps to have an attorney on your side, defending you in your time of need.

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