Written by Randy, a Domestic Violence client
I was charged with felony domestic violence, my case was very complicated, and my police report was filled with lots of lies. Initially Mr. Blair was able to get my domestic charge down to a misdemeanor, and eventually dismissed. I only pled guilty to misdemeanor vandalism. However, there was still a protective order in place not allowing me to see my wife, that neither me or my wife wanted. Judge said the protective order was for 3yrs. California is the worst place to be charged with domestic violence its no joke, they take it very serious and almost don’t care what you or your wife have to say. I am a veteran, and the DA tried to use PTSD from my medical record to make me sound like a psycho. Despite all this Mr. Blair was able to have the protective order lifted a few mo down the road. After my last court date the DA told me personally that I got lucky bc the protective orders never get lifted. Mr. Blair was VERY HONEST, and I did not feel like just another client/case. He really cares about you as the person, and does everything he can to help you. Even months after my case was settled he has called a few times to check on me. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PETER BLAIR to represent your case..