A decision to press criminal charges against the defendant starts very early on, after the prosecutor learns that you may have committed a crime. However, one very important problem remains: There is a potential for inaccuracy due to inadequate circumstances or outright lies. This is why you have many cases where a prosecutor presses charges without a full understanding of your case. There are some very important steps that can be taken with the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Steps to Handle Your Criminal Charge

Before the charges are even filed, your defense attorney will typically start to communicate. By going over the defendant’s case, the prosecutor may realize that they do not have much to go on and may not file the charges. If the charges are dropped, the case will never make it to trial and the defendant will not have to go through the court process. This is why it pays to be timely about your case. If the charges are not dropped, your attorney may file a motion for dismissal. This will act in the same way and the court may realize that it is not worth it to hold your case.

If these steps do not work, you may be forced to wait out your case. However, you should always attend court in a timely fashion so that the prosecution does not prove your guilt. The case will go away if they cannot prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. You always have the chance that circumstances will win you your case, such as illegal evidence being used. Because there is always a chance to have your charges dismissed or dropped, you should speak to your attorney today about your options and success rates. Call us today at The Law Office of Peter Blair to speak about your charges and what options you have.