Business man signing a contractIf you choose not to fight a criminal charge and want to plead guilty, you may have many thoughts running through your mind. An important question you may ask is this: Do I need an attorney if I am not trying to fight a criminal charge? Many people ask themselves this question every single year. In many cases, an attorney can do many things that you can’t, which is why you should always retain one.

Things an Attorney Can Do 

Help Protect Rights: Even if you are planning on pleading guilty, this does not mean that an attorney will not be helpful. If you choose to plead guilty, this does not automatically mean that you are relinquishing all of your rights as a defendant. Any time that you have been charged with a crime, you have the right to an attorney and should take it if you feel as if your case is complicated enough. An attorney may also help you spot holes of weakness in the case. Because of these holes from the prosecutor, you could have your sentence reduced or even get your charges completely dismissed. If evidence was obtained illegally, for instance, it may be excluded from trial and you may not have a case after all.

Negotiate a Deal: You may still have a chance to a plea bargain as well, but only if your attorney helps you. Your attorney will guide you through the process and tell you whether or not you can choose to plead “no contest” to a charge instead of pleading guilty. If you choose to do this, the ramifications for your charge may be lessened.

Criminal defense attorneys can be extremely helpful in many cases, which is why you should speak to one regardless of how you choose to plead. You are likely to end up with a much better deal. Before you go through with the permanent decision of pleading guilty, you should talk to an attorney to help you review your case. Call us today at The Law Office of Peter Blair for more information on how we can help.