Consequences of a Domestic Violence Conviction in San Diego

Were you or a family member recently arrested on domestic violence charges in San Diego, CA? The consequences of a domestic violence conviction in San Diego can be far-reaching. Our experienced criminal defense team at Blair Defense Criminal Lawyers is here to help you build the strong and aggressive defense strategy you deserve.

Our lawyers have helped countless clients fight their charges since we opened our doors back in 2010. We’re ready to put more than ten years of experience to work for you.

A domestic violence conviction can haunt you for years to come. To learn more about how a lawyer can help, contact our law offices in San Diego, California to schedule a free consultation at (619) 357-4977.

How Blair Defense Criminal Lawyers Can Help If You Were Accused of Domestic Violence in San Diego

How Blair Defense Criminal Lawyers Can Help If You Were Accused of Domestic Violence in San Diego

The consequences of a domestic violence conviction can be particularly harsh. California courts take these cases seriously. You should expect the prosecution to do everything in their power to secure a conviction.

Our San Diego criminal attorneys at Blair Defense Criminal Lawyers can help you build the strong defense you need to fight back.

Your defense strategy may include:

  • Proof that the victim’s allegations were false
  • Challenges to witness credibility
  • Proof that the victim’s injuries were caused by something else
  • You acted in self-defense or in defense of someone else

Our experienced San Diego Domestic Violence Lawyers have been widely recognized for our success over the years. We’ve earned a perfect-10 Avvo rating and were rated by Super Lawyers.

With our legal team on your side, you’ll have a lawyer to:

  • Gather evidence to prove your innocence
  • Help you fight a protective order
  • Help you understand the consequences of a plea deal
  • Negotiate behind the scenes to get the criminal charges reduced or the case dismissed

Our lawyers will also be here to fight to protect your rights at trial if necessary. Get the legal advice you deserve today by calling our law offices for a free consultation.

Overview of the Laws on Domestic Violence in California

Under California domestic violence laws, you can be convicted on domestic violence charges if you commit certain offenses against someone with whom you share a domestic relationship.

Those relationships include:

  • Spouses and former spouses
  • Dating partners
  • Former dating partners
  • Cohabitants and former cohabitants (i.e., roommates)
  • Your child’s other parent
  • Fiances

Domestic violence itself isn’t a separate criminal offense. Instead, it refers to an act of violence committed against an intimate partner or cohabitant.

At Blair Defense Criminal Lawyers, we often handle domestic violence cases involving:

If you’re facing domestic violence charges, you probably have many different questions about your legal rights. Call our law firm in San Diego to learn more about how an experienced lawyer can help.

What Are the Penalties If I’m Convicted of Domestic Violence in San Diego?

The court-ordered penalties for a domestic violence conviction vary depending on the nature of the criminal offense.

The offense of inflicting corporal injury on a domestic partner is a “wobbler” offense. That means it can be charged as a felony or misdemeanor domestic violence offense.

If convicted under California Penal Code Section 273.5 PC, your sentence could include:

  • A two, three, or four-year prison sentence or up to one year in county jail 
  • Up to $6,000 in financial penalties
  • Both fines and penalties

Courts also have the authority to require you to attend a batterer’s treatment program that lasts 52 weeks.

Domestic battery is punishable under California Penal Code Section 243(e) PC. If convicted on domestic battery charges, you could be sentenced to up to one year in county jail and $2,000 in financial penalties.

Restraining Orders in Domestic Violence Cases

Often, a victim of domestic abuse will first seek a restraining order before you even have a chance to defend yourself against the allegations. If convicted on domestic violence charges, it’s much more likely that the court could make a temporary restraining order permanent.

The restraining order can restrict your ability to contact or come within a certain distance of the alleged victim. 

Of course, the restraining order will make it a criminal offense to call, email, text, or contact the alleged victim. It can also restrict your freedom of movement. If you live with the alleged victim, the court may order you to move out of your home and continue to cover expenses.

Collateral Consequences of a Domestic Violence Conviction in San Diego

Domestic violence convictions almost always carry significant collateral consequences.

Some of those consequences include:

  • Loss of child custody or visitation rights
  • An unfavorable outcome in divorce proceedings in family court
  • Loss of spousal support under California’s Family Code
  • Probation 
  • Ongoing supervised parole on release from prison
  • Difficulty finding housing or employment
  • Loss of certain professional licenses
  • Loss of federal financial aid for higher education
  • Loss of your right to own a firearm
  • Loss of your ability to vote
  • Deportation and other immigration problems
  • Court-ordered parenting courses
  • Court-ordered alcohol or drug treatment counseling
  • Court-ordered anger management classes

If you’re convicted of a sex crime, you could also be required to register as a sex offender. 

These collateral consequences can continue to haunt you for years to come. Many domestic violence convictions can’t be expunged from your criminal record. That means they’ll be accessible to potential employers, landlords, and places of higher education.

Were you accused of domestic violence? Call our San Diego domestic violence attorneys at Blair Defense Criminal Lawyers to discuss your defense strategy today.

The Consequences of a Domestic Violence Conviction in San Diego Are Harsh. Call for a Free Consultation Today

The consequences of a domestic violence conviction in San Diego are almost always harsh. If you were charged with domestic violence, it’s important to secure experienced legal representation. 

Our San Diego domestic violence lawyers at Blair Defense Criminal Lawyers are ready to start building your legal defense today. If you were arrested or accused of domestic violence, call for a free case review immediately.

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